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Nutrition Consultant Gareth Edwards has won three sporting National Championship titles. In 2006 he was approached by Elite UK sailor Paul Brotherton to help loose unwanted weight and regain physical performance. The programme was effective. (6 Kilo weight loss and remarkable increase of strength and endurance).

Paul then became the coach for the world conquering Yngling girl’s crew at the 2008 Olympic Games. He used some of the principals he’d employed to achieve his own turnaround to help his team keep down to weight while maintaining peak physical performance.

These are his words:

"You don't need to spend too much time with Gareth to see that food is a total passion for him and as one of the fittest looking and best preserved people I know there is not much of an argument about the benefits. I dipped my toe into the world of eating correctly and accurately and was genuinely amazed at the energy and ability to recover from exercise. It was not difficult to pass on the basic ethos of his message to my athletes and to support them through the first few difficult days of the transition. The eating patterns that we established early in 2007 where a substantial part of the success that followed. I would recommend Gareth as a determined, passionate and committed nutritionist. Anyone who takes ultimate performance seriously would be well served to knock on his door."

Paul Brotherton
Coach to Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson

2007 World Champions
2008 Olympic, World, and European Champions and World Ranked Number 1.
(Women’s Keel Boat Class)

The “Food for Life” approach is based around living foods. Synthetic or tablet based products are generally avoided.

Fresh raw vegetables possess electro-magnetic fields and minerals that can energise our bodies. This cutting edge approach could explain why Carl Lewis followed a vegan regime in training for his gold medal haul at the Los Angeles Olympics. It is also interesting to note that Dave Scott, five times winner of the Hawaii Iron-man triathlon is a vegan.

The Food For Life approach is based on shifting the balance of foods that you currently eat to build strong blood.

Sports nutrition programmes consist of a one and half hour initial consultation, in person or by telephone, followed by short review sessions. Book a consultation>>>


Click this link to read information from the American Dietetic Association on increasing vegetable intake in athlete’s diets.

Click here to download the questionnaire and food diary.

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