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Making Juice

Green vegetable juices are the back bone of the nutritional regimes that I encourage people to follow. To get juice from kale, spinach and even wheatgrass you need a machine that literally crushes and squeezes the juice out of these more hardy plant foods. The more commonly found and usually less expensive centrifugal juice machines make juice quickly and are relatively easy to clean. They don’t, however, juice leafy greens effectively and can’t be used with wheatgrass.

The most efficient machines are twin gear juicers, but they are big, expensive and quite complicated to dismantle, clean and re-assemble. (You can read more and see examples here).

With this in mind I recommend single auger machines. These are efficient with dark leafy greens and other produce. They take up relatively little space on the counter top and can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

The best all-round high quality juice machine currently available is the Omega VSJ84R

Vertical auger juicers have several advantages over horizontal models. They take up less counter space than horizontal models. The gravity feed over the large auger gives highly efficient juicing at slow speeds.


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